Isleworth Town Primary School

At PGSD Limited, we are often asked to advise on planting schemes. At Isleworth Town Primary School, we suggested the following:

20 Coral flower;  10 lavender;  10 Fatsia; 10 Spirea – long colour; 10 Red dogwood; 60 mixed grasses; 10 Snowflake hydrangea; 10 Euphorbia; 10 Purple hebi; 10 Euonymus fortune emerald gold; and 10 blue Ceanothus.

Once we had completed a soft landscaping project for the school that included the plants, this was the reaction of the Deputy Headteacher, Michelle McCarthy:

“The garden looks beautiful! All our staff have commented on how great it looks and it is a brilliant addition to the school grounds. Thanks again for all your input and work.”

Isleworth Town Primary School has served the local community since it was founded in 1910.