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PGSD artificial grass laying at Oxford Brookes University

PGSD artificial grass laying at Oxford Brookes University

Commercial horticulture contractor PGSD Limited has been named as a supplier to Oxford Brookes University. The company supplies and lays high quality Artificial Grass to temporarily cover external areas for key events and ceremonies, including graduation.

The 900 square metres of the Kempton Range is used for numerous ceremonies every year. After each event, the artificial grass is removed and put into storage until the next ceremony.

Alan Wright, PGSD General Manager, commented: “The success of the Oxford Brookes installation and removal opens a new line of business in renting out artificial grass. It increases our expertise and strength in this rapidly expanding market.”

Oxford Brookes University can trace its origins back to 1865. There are some 17,000 students and the University continues to expand its facilities, premises and curriculum.

PGSD is an experienced commercial horticulture contractor, with contracts spanning from a few thousand pounds to those in excess of £5,000,000. The company has the depth of knowledge and the technical capability to undertake contracts in the commercial sector.

PGSD won London in Bloom awards in 2004, 2006, 2013 and 2014. Using the PGSD partnering approach with clients, ensures that the key aspects of best value, quality, environmental protection and health and safety are all fully covered. The company supplies horticulture services to some of the largest names in construction, highway maintenance and facilities management, as well as over 80 schools.


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