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The position for the trees will be marked out by a competent set out engineer.

The site will be cleared of buildings, tools, barriers etc. The area will be CAT scanned and any services marked.

The landscape architect will be invited to inspect pit location.

Tree to be placed into pit with nursery ring at the correct height for surrounding soil, base to be built up with soil to be excavated to achieve correct height. Suitable slings must be used to avoid damage these must be tested and of suitable strength.

Inspect the tree for damage; carefully prune out any damage branches or roots with a sharp saw or secateurs. Damaged branches should always be pruned back to just above the next live and healthy bud. If damage is more than minor reject tree to supplier.

Where possible, thoroughly soak the roots before planting. Lower the tree in to the pit, making sure that the roots or root balls are disturbed as little as possible.

Once the tree is in the pit at correct height minor adjustments to alignment may be made by hand any change in height must be machine assisted.

The site will be kept clear of all trip hazards and regular site inspections will be undertaken to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the site, inspection records will be kept.