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Shenfield High School in Brentwood, Essex was founded in 1962. The school has over 1200 pupils and is situated within an attractive green belt site. Shenfield High School has over 26 acres of playing fields, next to open farmland.

PGSD Limited was asked to pave an area of 110 square metres, matching the top of edging stones. We excavated the entire area to a depth 200mm.

We supplied and spread 100mm of type one crushed concrete, which was then compacted. PGSD supplied and laid 600mm x 600mm pressed concrete paving slabs on a bed of sharp sand and cement and brush pointed with kiln dried sand.

We then removed two edgings and slope paving to firm ramp, as well as supplying and erecting a new railway sleeper wall from 200mm x 100mm x 2.4m pressure treated soft wood. This was supported by 6 x universal beams set 600mm in concrete.

The remaining area of 56 square metres was levelled to 50mm of saved soil. Finally, we raked the area level and sowed grass seed. To finish the job, we removed all spoil from site and left it tidy on completion.


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