The resin bound process pre-mixes the resin and aggregate together prior to laying. It is both permeable and flexible, so water can run through and it is resistant to cracking. Unlike other methods of resin based surfacing, resin and aggregates are thoroughly mixed together prior to laying, ensuring that the aggregate is completely coated and so providing a totally bound surface.

As a result, a resin bound surface is more durable and requires less maintenance; it only needs a sweep or power wash the paving twice a year to avoid the build up of detritus and prevent the growth of moss or algae.

Resin bound paving is a fully permeable paving solution which allows water to freely drain through the surface. Meeting the requirements of Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) standards, this helps to prevent standing water and largely eliminates surface water runoff. Resin bound is ideal for:

• Footpaths

• Driveways

• Roadways

• Cycle Paths

• Swimming Pools

• Trees Pits

• Wet Rooms

• Play Areas

• Patios