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PGSD Limited has been helping with planting for the Chiswick community programme. PGSD and Hounslow Highways will be looking after the flower beds for this project.

Gary Winterbottom, Community Environment Officer for Hounslow Highways commented: “The plants should look nice together and spread into the space. PGSD and I will be able to help the Abundance London volunteers when they plant.”

Gary points out that guerrilla gardening can be problematic. “We had to remove a huge yucca recently that was blocking the sightline and proving dangerous for cyclists. Young trees can suffer if their tree pits are planted up with thirsty plants.”

PGSD, on behalf of Hounslow Highways restocked the flowerbeds with a selection of perennials, including common grass, purple lavender and bergenias. Barely were the plants in before the bees were already getting to work. Now the beds are full, Chiswick should be able to enjoy improved flower beds along the High Road.

High Road team photo – Abundance London volunteers including Karen Liebreich, Cheryl Lanyon, Jennie Figaro, Henry Gewanter, representatives of local shopkeepers Stephen Foster (Foster Books) and Tracy Kynoch (ex-Whisk), Gary Winterbottom (Community Environment Officer for Hounslow Highways) and Matt Farmer, PGSD Contracts Manager