Support for Sense and Great Ormond Street Hospital

At PGSD we believe we can do better than only “liking” and “sharing” a charity’s campaign. In the last few months we have supported two brilliant organisations: Sense and Great Ormond Street Hospital. Supporting with actual financial contributions, naturally rises up from the usual social media clutter to truly create meaningful content.


Sense is a national disability charity that supports people with complex communication needs to be understood, connected and valued. They began, and continue, to support people who are deafblind. Today, they also support a wide range of people with complex communication needs. Whilst they prefer not to use labels, sometimes, they can help people to understand the wide range of individuals that Sense supports:

  • Deafblind, dual-sensory impairment or multi-sensory impairment
  • Single sensory impairment with additional needs
  • Complex needs, which may include sensory impairments, additional learning or physical disabilities, or autism.


Great Ormond Street Hospital has always depended on charitable donations to give seriously ill children the chance of a better future. Every day 618 children and young people from across the UK arrive at the hospital. Their charity supports the hospital and young patients by funding four key areas:

  • Rebuilding and refurbishment
  • Support for families and children
  • Research into children’s health
  • Life-saving medical equipment.