Travel to work-site will be in company vehicles, which will carry all necessary tools and equipment to complete the required work.

Work will commence at one end and progress systematically along designated work areas.

Hedges, shrubs, bushes and overhanging tree branches will be pruned and trimmed back the existing fence line using hedge trimmers, chainsaws and various hand tools the arising will be collected and disposed of using our vehicles at the end of each work period.

The ground covering vegetation will be cut down using a flail mower, all staff will be trained in the use of the specific machine and will follow correct working practice. Once the vegetation is cut it will be mulched and left on the ground.

The disposal of waste will take place at a designated local disposal site as instructed from time to time. The transport of waste will be conducted in a safe manner ensuring that the load is securely fastened to the vehicle using supplied straps and cargo nets specifically for this purpose. It is imperative that waste be removed from site is not of risk from falling from the vehicle. It is also brought to your attention that driving with an unsafe load is an offence for which the driver may be prosecuted.