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Trinity Road, Wandsworth, London - PGSD project

Trinity Road, Wandsworth, London – PGSD project

At Trinity Road Wandsworth, the central area of 2,800 square metres was originally split into two areas. The lower area of comprised formal soft landscaping. This had been installed in 2008 and the upper section of remains as woodland.

The area had gradually degraded over the course of a few years. It had deteriorated into a poor state that was not very pleasing to the eye. Councillor Clay noticed this and liaised with TFL (Transport for London) about the matter.

Subsequently, the area was identified by Alan Davidson of TFL (Transport for London) for a major upgrade. TFL handed the project over to the Better Streets design team CVU. In turn, they asked PGSD to design and install the project.

PGSD General Manager Alan Wright commented: “Londoners and visitors alike prefer to see well maintained landscaping, as they move around the capital. It is a pleasure to see the difference that this type of project can make to an area.”

On completion of the project, PGSD received praise from CVU ,TFL and Councillor Clay, who had originally raised this issue as a matter of concern.


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