Chiswick community programme

PGSD Limited has been helping with planting for the Chiswick community programme. PGSD and Hounslow Highways will be looking after the flower beds for this project.

Gary Winterbottom, Community Environment Officer for Hounslow Highways commented: “The plants should look nice together and spread into the space. PGSD and I will be able to help the Abundance London volunteers when they plant.”

Gary points out that guerrilla gardening can be problematic. “We had to remove a huge yucca recently that was blocking the sightline and proving dangerous for cyclists. Young trees can suffer if their tree pits are planted up with thirsty plants.”

PGSD, on behalf of Hounslow Highways restocked the flowerbeds with a selection of perennials, including common grass, purple lavender and bergenias. Barely were the plants in before the bees were already getting to work. Now the beds are full, Chiswick should be able to enjoy improved flower beds along the High Road.

High Road team photo – Abundance London volunteers including Karen Liebreich, Cheryl Lanyon, Jennie Figaro, Henry Gewanter, representatives of local shopkeepers Stephen Foster (Foster Books) and Tracy Kynoch (ex-Whisk), Gary Winterbottom (Community Environment Officer for Hounslow Highways) and Matt Farmer, PGSD Contracts Manager

Isleworth Town Primary School

At PGSD Limited, we are often asked to advise on planting schemes. At Isleworth Town Primary School, we suggested the following:

20 Coral flower;  10 lavender;  10 Fatsia; 10 Spirea – long colour; 10 Red dogwood; 60 mixed grasses; 10 Snowflake hydrangea; 10 Euphorbia; 10 Purple hebi; 10 Euonymus fortune emerald gold; and 10 blue Ceanothus.

Once we had completed a soft landscaping project for the school that included the plants, this was the reaction of the Deputy Headteacher, Michelle McCarthy:

“The garden looks beautiful! All our staff have commented on how great it looks and it is a brilliant addition to the school grounds. Thanks again for all your input and work.”

Isleworth Town Primary School has served the local community since it was founded in 1910.

The Mulberry Centre

Located in Isleworth, The Mulberry Centre is a charity delivering a range of information and support services to all those affected by a diagnosis of cancer. Their services include complementary and relaxation therapies, ongoing one to one support on a drop-in basis, counselling sessions and support groups, plus a wide range of workshops. This combination of information, support, self-management and relaxation is designed to help people feel in control; it helps them to make the right decisions to manage both the physical and mental trauma of a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

An integral part of the Mulberry Centre is the relaxing, calm and peaceful atmosphere both inside the building and in the grounds. As the Centre is based in the grounds of the West Middlesex Hospital, it is a real bonus to find some peaceful outdoor space. PGSD and our staff have been maintaining the grounds since late 2015. We have donated our time, expertise and equipment to improving the external grounds in a way that is harmonious with the calm atmosphere of the location. Led by our senior supervisor Matt Farmer, our teams have been involved in a winter clean up, routine maintenance and replanting as well as donating shrubs to the plant sale from our Hatch Furlong Nursery.

Emma Cartwright, the Chief Executive of The Mulberry Centre said: “We are delighted with the work that the team from PGSD has done to ensure our gardens always look their best. They go that extra mile to keep the gardens in tip-top shape and any request for a pruned plant here, or added colour there is always willingly and swiftly responded to. This ensures that our gardens always look cared for and welcoming – a reflection of the ethos of the Centre! It is a joy to work with Matt and his team. Thank you.”

Matt Farmer added: “I am delighted to be able to help out with such a worthwhile cause and make a difference to people’s enjoyment of the grounds.”