Even when diluted pesticides can cause great harm to the environment, potentially killing fish and animals. Pesticides also pose a considerable danger to human beings, as little as a teaspoon of concentrated pesticide would be enough to contaminate the water supply for a city as large as London beyond acceptable limits. Therefore pesticides and other such substances must be handled and used with great care.

Current Regulations require that all employees who sell, supply, store or use pesticides are specifically trained to do so. Therefore if an operative has not received the required training they should not be using pesticides for any purpose.

When pesticides are used the safety measures will include the following:

• Only store enough pesticide for immediate use. Pesticides should be stored in purpose made cabinets capable of containing any foreseeable leaks.

• Always follow instructions when handling, diluting and using pesticides.

• Minimise waste, only take out of storage what you need. Any waste must be prevented from entering water courses.

• Ensure the pesticide cannot spill or back feed into water supplies when filling sprayers etc.

• Only fill and empty sprayers and equipment in specified locations.

• On completion of spraying carefully clean all equipment following the pesticide manufacturers guidance, again ensuring no spills enter water courses.

• Ensure any waste pesticide is disposed of correctly in accordance with local authority requirements and by trained and approved personnel or companies.