PGSD are developing a new and innovative method for the eradication of weed. They are non native invasive plants and have no natural predators in the UK. Infestations of them are forecast to grow exponentially and to become an increasing problem. Co-operation is often needed from adjoining land owners to eradicate fully and negligence in allowing weed spread may result in claims from adjoining landowners particularly if development is held up as a result.

The proposed method requires the use of a number of chemicals applied in sequence and at defined intervals. The chemical spraying is supplemented with an inspection regime to ensure satisfactory eradication, this is the responsibility of PGSD.

PGSD aims to use the output data from this trial to; benefit its existing client base by offering a technique that can control these weeds, use as a showcase for new clients in Highways Maintenance and to open a new area of business with property developers and construction companies.

The contractor will benefit by showing they are open to new ideas and innovations and are practicing continuous improvement.

Of benefit to the client will be an effective regime for treating difficult to control weeds.