In our experience at PGSD the control of competing vegetation, is an important operation on the highways, mechanical herbicide application can be a very cost-effective weeding solution. Manual methods of application are still used but only where necessary as they have many disadvantages from risk to operators to poor productivity . Mechanised spraying methods used in agricultural applications can be adapted to work in highway situations and have been used at PGSD for over 5 years with fantastic results. The networks have improved aesthetically, costs have been reduced in house and to client, near misses and incidents related to spraying operators have decreased by over 65% and spray records vastly improved due to the use of trackers.

The use of herbicides for controlling competing vegetation is a widespread practice for highway sites. Manual application methods have been pushed because the safe terrain and operating good conditions in Highway situations. Recent improvements in ATV technology and spraying systems offer PGSD a wider choice of weeding methods with unrivalled results.

Mechanised spraying systems for use in Highways are usually developed from models used in agriculture. Our mechanised methods are redesigned to reduce environmental and operator contamination and improve operator ergonomics.