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The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a major new sewer, urgently needed to protect the tidal river Thames from pollution. The total Tideway project has a budget of £3.1 billion.

London’s sewerage system is no longer fit for purpose and spills millions of tonnes of sewage into the tidal section of the river every year.

Tideway is building the tunnel to tackle the problem of overflows from the capital’s Victorian sewers for at least the next 100 years and to enable the UK to meet European environmental standards.

PGSD was contracted by VolkerStevi​n to reinstate the damaged green space to the right and left of Blackfriars Bridge in central London, where construction took place for the new super sewer.

Not only was it reinstated but the space was also upgraded.

Nine large multi stem Betula Utilis and three Carpinus Betulus were selected from Bruns Nursery in Germany for the project.

These trees were transported from Germany to the Volker depot on the river at Silvertown. They were then transported down the river by barge to the Blackfriars pier and lifted by crane from the barge into the prepared pits.

 A couple of hundred shrubs supplied by Palmstead nurseries in Kent were installed into the new granite planters with the trees.