Gardens in Highgate London

PGSD was asked to work on two gardens in Highgate, north London, by construction company Heydon & Carr who were converting one house into two separate dwellings.

We designed and planted both of the gardens and installed top soil, turf, trees, shrubs and perennials.

The plants, of which there were several hundred, included: Clematis Montana on 1.5 Trellis; Jasminum on 1.5 Trellis; Parthenocissus on 1.5 Trellis; and Hedra on 1.5 Trellis.

Architectural Shrubs and trees comprised Phormium 5L; Cordyline 5L; Yukka 5L; specimen Japanese Maple; Bamboo 20L pots; Olive tree 1.5m tall; and Betula multi stem 2.5-3m tall.

The borders contain a mix of shrubs, perennials and grasses in 3 to 5 litre pots: Agapanthus; Aster; Geranium; Heleborous; Heuchera; Kniphofia; Rudbeckia; Grasses 5L; Carex Evergold; Stipa Tenuissima; and Semperviren.

New build care home horticultural project

PGSD Limited was asked to help with horticultural work by Castleoak for Oak Manor, a new build care home for their client MHA in Shefford, Bedfordshire.

The project included the installation of topsoil, 200mm deep for grassed area, 300mm deep for planters and 500mm deep for tree planting.

It also included

*  The planting of some 2000 plants
*  1000 bulbs
*  1000m2 of turfing
*  Mulching
*  18 semi mature trees
*  150m of post and rail fencing
*  100m of closeboard fence

*  Gates

Oak Manor has been designed to enhance the independence and dignity of residents. Oak Manor is a 64 bedroom care home that provides residential and residential

dementia specialist care with features such as an on-site hairdressers, cinema room and coffee shop.

MHA is a well-established charity with over 70 years’ experience and is one of Britain’s most respected care providers. MHA provides a range of accommodation, care and support for almost 17,700 older people nationwide.

Chiswick community programme

PGSD Limited has been helping with planting for the Chiswick community programme. PGSD and Hounslow Highways will be looking after the flower beds for this project.

Gary Winterbottom, Community Environment Officer for Hounslow Highways commented: “The plants should look nice together and spread into the space. PGSD and I will be able to help the Abundance London volunteers when they plant.”

Gary points out that guerrilla gardening can be problematic. “We had to remove a huge yucca recently that was blocking the sightline and proving dangerous for cyclists. Young trees can suffer if their tree pits are planted up with thirsty plants.”

PGSD, on behalf of Hounslow Highways restocked the flowerbeds with a selection of perennials, including common grass, purple lavender and bergenias. Barely were the plants in before the bees were already getting to work. Now the beds are full, Chiswick should be able to enjoy improved flower beds along the High Road.

High Road team photo – Abundance London volunteers including Karen Liebreich, Cheryl Lanyon, Jennie Figaro, Henry Gewanter, representatives of local shopkeepers Stephen Foster (Foster Books) and Tracy Kynoch (ex-Whisk), Gary Winterbottom (Community Environment Officer for Hounslow Highways) and Matt Farmer, PGSD Contracts Manager

Wandsworth Roundabout

Wandsworth Roundabout is a TFL (Transport For London) asset. For for the last 10 years, PGSD Limited has mown the wild grass six times per year and cleaned up once a year.

For a variety of reasons, the site was attracting litter. PGSD received an instruction through CVU London Highways Alliance (contracted to TFL) to completely clear the area, only leaving the trees. The project included the installation of new turf to create a park like area for local residents to use.

Alan Davidson from TFL had a vision of bringing the area back as a pleasant place to be which could be enjoyed by the public.

The photograph shows the work in progress.


Church Langley Community Primary School

PGSD Limited was asked to work on a project for Church Langley Community Primary School, in Harlow, Essex.

We deployed a team to cut back Elaeagnus shrubs in the schools’ playground. Elaeagnus shrubs have silvery-scaled leaves and fragrant flowers.

PGSD was asked to reduce the shrubs back to curb edges, clear from lights and reduce in height.

In addition, we were asked to cut back and clear overgrowing branches and vegetation coming through a high fence by the astro pitches.  We cut them back to a height of 8 foot.

We then removed all waste from the site.

All in a days’ work for PGSD.

Isleworth Town Primary School

At PGSD Limited, we are often asked to advise on planting schemes. At Isleworth Town Primary School, we suggested the following:

20 Coral flower;  10 lavender;  10 Fatsia; 10 Spirea – long colour; 10 Red dogwood; 60 mixed grasses; 10 Snowflake hydrangea; 10 Euphorbia; 10 Purple hebi; 10 Euonymus fortune emerald gold; and 10 blue Ceanothus.

Once we had completed a soft landscaping project for the school that included the plants, this was the reaction of the Deputy Headteacher, Michelle McCarthy:

“The garden looks beautiful! All our staff have commented on how great it looks and it is a brilliant addition to the school grounds. Thanks again for all your input and work.”

Isleworth Town Primary School has served the local community since it was founded in 1910.

One Stop Doctors Hemel Hempstead

PGSD Limited worked with ARJ Construction on a project for One Stop Doctors, at their new build cutting edge Clinic in Hemel Hempstead. PGSD had an initial brief to carry out soft landscaping around the new facility.

From soft landscaping, the scheme progressed to include:

* The full construction of the internal courtyard area, with specially sourced slabs and copings from India

* Hard wood timber from West Africa to clad the walls

* 40 tonnes of  materials that were carefully handballed through the building to construct the courtyard

* Construction of the external courtyard and paving areas, including kerbing around the building

* Creation and shaping of an acoustic bund (a noise reducing soil mound)

* Installation throughout the works of ducting for lighting and electrics

* Specialist bespoke cladding to the curved feature sign walls on the entrances

* Raising the area by 600mm to create a continuous level

* Raising and installation of drains

* Installation of emergency fibre optic ducting

* Installation of patio area on a balcony raised on pedestals

* Soiling, seeding, planting and mulching

The project took eight weeks to complete, working with all stake holders to ensure a smooth transition of works.

Spinney Drive wildflowers

As part of a project for Hounslow Highways, PGSD has planted wildflowers within a trial area, at Spinney Drive in Bedfont, West London. The objective is to bring more biodiversity to the Borough.

The wild flower seed mixture composition comprised 60% Corncockle seeds, 5% Cornflower seeds, 10% Corn Chamomile seeds, 5% Corn Poppy seeds, 5% Meadow Buttercup seeds, 5% Meadowsweet seeds, 5% Ox-eye Daisy seeds and 5% Lady’s Bedstraw seeds.

PGSD General Manager, Alan Wright commented: “Biodiversity is important because it boosts the ecosystem within which we all live. A greater number and variety of plant species ensures natural sustainability.”

Crane Park Primary School

Crane Park Primary School is located in Hanworth, Middlesex. The school has 501 pupils and is a central part of the local community.

PGSD Limited was asked to level an area for a new mud kitchen, remove an old path and an old bricked mud kitchen. The project included the supply and installation of a 1.2 metre high rounded top palisade fence on two sides of the new mud kitchen. A gate, as well as a 200 mm high sleeper bed, was installed along the wall. 100 mm high kick boards were installed around the bottom of the fence to retain wood chippings.

Materials included soil, a sand sub base and turf. Plant equipment included 360 degree excavator. Wood chippings were supplied free of charge by PGSD.

PGSD supplied and installed artificial grass to a large Early Year play area. This included shock pads under a large physical play area. We removed top soil, leveled & cleared the area and supplied & laid 50mm MOT main base. PGSD also relaid 10mm sharp sand sub base, fitted Geotex membrane matting and laid, trimmed and fixed the artificial turf. All arisings were disposed of from the site.

The project included a Year 3 corridor window area and an area in front of school. PGSD removed shrubs within the corridor area. We supplied & installed a 200 mm high sleeper bed along the wall/ edge of path, and tidied and seeded around the edges.

PGSD is a member of BALI which is the landscape industry’s trade association. All BALI members are monitored and their work standards are inspected on a regular basis.

Trinity Road Wandsworth

Trinity Road, Wandsworth, London - PGSD project
Trinity Road, Wandsworth, London – PGSD project

At Trinity Road Wandsworth, the central area of 2,800 square metres was originally split into two areas. The lower area of comprised formal soft landscaping. This had been installed in 2008 and the upper section of remains as woodland.

The area had gradually degraded over the course of a few years. It had deteriorated into a poor state that was not very pleasing to the eye. Councillor Clay noticed this and liaised with TFL (Transport for London) about the matter.

Subsequently, the area was identified by Alan Davidson of TFL (Transport for London) for a major upgrade. TFL handed the project over to the Better Streets design team CVU. In turn, they asked PGSD to design and install the project.

PGSD General Manager Alan Wright commented: “Londoners and visitors alike prefer to see well maintained landscaping, as they move around the capital. It is a pleasure to see the difference that this type of project can make to an area.”

On completion of the project, PGSD received praise from CVU ,TFL and Councillor Clay, who had originally raised this issue as a matter of concern.